Lively, wily, and beautiful as a northern coyote, 21 year old Teagan Johnston grew up, and grew into the nickname “Little Coyote”. The name was adopted while in the Yukon as Teagan’s mother was driving to the hospital in labour a coyote ran across the late March snow cover roads and gazed into the car. Today Little Coyote is the carrier of a musical soul.

Combining classical piano, ethereal guitar, driving percussion and synth, with bandmates Byron Patterson and Mike Poisson Little Coyote and her band mates are a force to be reckoned with. Beginning her career as an avid composer on the west coast of Canada Little Coyote recorded her first EP “Winter’s Child” during her last year of high school. Releasing the EP in November of 2013 under her given name “Teagan Johnston,” Little Coyote collaborated with artists such as Aidan Knight and Steph Macphearson. The EP gained her local praise, and Teagan went on to win the award of “Youth Song of the Year” at the 2014 Vancouver Island Music Awards.

Now having matured into her name and musicality, Little Coyote has relocated her project to Toronto, Ontario, playing esteemed venues and festivals such as Lee’s Palace, Canada Music Week and recording her highly anticipated Canadian Council funded debut album “The Trouble With Teeth” at Candle recording studios this past November. Continuing her pursuit in the driven and lively manner of a northern coyote, she is on the rise, and not to be missed.